Thursday, 31 January 2013

Council apologises unreservedly for benefit form gaffe

Last night I blogged about the cock-up on Cornwall Council's housing and council tax benefit application form. This morning the council has apologised unreservedly.

I'm glad that they have done so. It was clearly a mistake and they are changing the forms online and manually altering the paper copies.

But there are two questions remaining:

- How did this mistake happen? Who was responsible for checking the draft of the form and how did it slip through the net?

- What use is made of the information taken from ethnic background monitoring? There is only a point in asking these questions if good use is made of the information that results. I'm not at all sure that it is.

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User said...

In other news, according to the census results, there are now 464 people in Cornwall who use Cornish as a main language - not as a second language but as a MAIN language. There are only three other languages between it and English: Polish, Lithuanian and German. Something for the Council to think about next time it has a meeting on linguistic inclusiveness for access to services? I'd hate to see the Council get any bad press if it started providing support in less-spoken languages but not Cornish.