Saturday, 8 December 2012

Cornwall Council lets down the people of Launceston (again)

I'm sad to say that this morning Cornwall Council let down the people of Launceston, and Launceston shops and businesses, again. After a hugely successful late night shopping event, they failed to turn up as agreed to sweep the streets first thing this morning.

It is inevitable that late night shopping creates a mess. There is litter, discarded food and camel poo. That is why the organisers of the event make sure to contact the Council in advance and arrange for an early morning visit from the street sweeping machine. The same is arranged for the morning after Carnival.

But whilst the machine was there the morning after Carnival, it failed to arrive this morning. The individual street sweeper was there, as always, with his cart and brush - but there is no way that he could cope with the amount of work that is needed after such a busy event.

I was on to the council to try to get them to send the machine but, despite some heroic efforts from the call centre, there was no machine.

Launceston deserves better than this from the council and I will be pushing for an apology.

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Paul Loft said...

That Robbie deserves a flipping medal!

Couldn't stand and watch him try and clear all that on his own so Jez and I rolled up our sleeves and gave him a hand.
Had it looking reasonable in an hour or so but couldn't do anything about the stained streets, camel poo etc.

As well as letting the town down they let Robby down by not sending him some help this morning. A less dedicated individual would have walked off the job faced with what he had to contend with this morning.