Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Cllr Kennedy's christmas card from the leader might go missing...

At Cabinet this morning, a public questioner asked if the authority thinks Eunomia is a well qualified organisation to advise the council on alternatives to the incinerator. Eunomia is the expert group commissioned by the anti-incinerator campaigners to present alternatives to the current plan.

In the absence of portfolio holder Lance Kennedy, the Leader read out an answer on his behalf saying that the Council felt it inappropriate to comment on Eunomia's qualifications having never commissioned them.

Except that according to the public questioner, Cornwall Council has indeed commissioned Eunomia in 2010 and Cornwall County Council did so before that in 2002.

This left Cllr Currie looking slightly foolish as he had clearly relied on information from Cllr Kennedy and officers who, if the questioner is right, had got their facts spectacularly wrong.

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