Friday, 30 November 2012

Why I'm now asking for donations

If you look on the right hand side of this blog, you'll see a new addition to the page. It's a donation button which allows readers to donate via PayPal to support the work of myself and my colleagues in Launceston.

Making a donation is easy - you don't need a PayPal account, just a credit or debit card and about two minutes of your time and there is no minimum.

So why am I asking for donations?

In May next year, every councillor in Cornwall is up for re-election. I want to be in the best position to carry on working for the people of Launceston and of Cornwall. But campaigns cost money. The Lib Dems aren't funded by trades unions or big business. We rely on small amounts from our members and people who think we do a good job.

So if you support what I have been able to achieve in my time as a councillor so far - and if you want me to be able to continue my work alongside my Lib Dem colleagues in Launceston - then please consider making a donation.

Over the past three and a half years as councillors, my colleagues Sasha, Adam and I have achieved a lot for our town:
  • We have saved our local library from the threat of closure
  • We have won the campaign for lower season ticket prices in our car parks and we are campaigning to get fairer pay and display charges
  • We have saved local buses after the council (twice) tried to cut routes in North Cornwall
  • We have got local roads repaired 
  • We have helped hundreds of local people with casework problems
If you are able to support our campaign to carry on this work, please consider making a donation - large or small.

The small print: Donations via this method may only be made by UK citizens on the electoral register or by companies trading in the UK. Donations will be treated in accordance with PPERA and donations over £500 (I wish) will be notified to the Electoral Commission.


Liberal Neil said...

It worked then ;-)

Peter Robson said...

Is the reason your asking for money because you keep losing your deposits?
If so just bear in mind that your flagship policy of reducing the tax for the very rich and raising the tax threshold for working taxpayers had to be paid for and that was by freezing any rise in the tax threshold for pensioners and the cuts in services and attacks on the poor and vulnerable by your miserable attempt at holding back the tories.
So as a tax paying OAP I will with hold my donation.

Paula Dolphin said...

I take it Peter is referring to the top rate of tax which is higher now than it was under the whole of the Labour Government? Its a shame when Labour supporters forget to point out things like that, I'm never sure if they don't know or are just trying to mislead people?

Peter Robson said...

Paula the top rate of tax was increased by the last government to 50% for the specific reason the reckless gambling in the casino banks caused a global financial meltdown in spite of the constant braying by the lib dem and con spokespeople trying to shift the blame to reckless spending. This has been proved time and again to be false when compared as a percentage of GDP the only fair way to compare countries like the UK and Greece.
Which takes us back to my original point that in order to fund the Lib dem flagship policy the OAP tax allowances have been frozen that alomg with cuts to services for the poor and vulnerable.
So misleading people is entirely the province of the Lib dems and their masters.