Wednesday, 28 November 2012

TRAC project (part one) - decision delayed

Cornwall councillors tonight voted to delay a decision on the controversial TRAC project which would introduce a multi-use trail from Polson to Egloskerry.

The section under discussion was, according to the meeting agenda, that from Newport to New Mills. But officers quickly claimed that it was only the off-road section (about half of the Newport to New Mills trail) that was up for discussion as criticism of the on-road sections came from councillors and the town council.

The criticism was because of the perception of danger to trail users because of the plan to make them share road sections with cars and heavy good vehicles to and from the scrapyard.

In the end, committee members were left baffled by the lack of understanding as to what the proposal was for and what the impact on traffic and road safety would be. So they voted to defer discussion until next month.

My own view is that the application is confused and that doesn't help. I support the view of the town council that the massive on-road sections create dangers for pedestrians and other trail users and I want to see the trail taken off-road if at all possible. If it is to go ahead with these on-road sections then I want to see more detail about how often the hedges will be cut and what sort of signage there will be. That detail isn't in the application as it stands and I think that is wrong - we can't afford to take it on trust.

At the end of the day, I want to see the trail happen. But I feel that there is still a chance to take the majority of the trail off-road and that chance should be grabbed.

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Colin said...

I too am baffled Alex.
Can't County come out with a statement of their position, as I don't know what it is.
The most detailed information on the progress of the project has come from the Launceston Steam Railway website, as well as from their supporters in letters to the press.
I am clueless as to what the "issues" are between Cornwall and the LSR, though I can only assume It's about money (speaking of which, is funding from DEFRA still on the table?).
We are supposed to be striving for open governance in out institutions, but if the Council's lawyers are telling everyone to button-it while deals are done behind closed doors, what have I to go on except the rumour mill?