Thursday, 11 October 2012

Launceston town council votes against TRAC and for Morrisons

At the Launceston Town Council planning meeting tonight, they had both the TRAC project and Morrisons on the agenda.

On TRAC it seems that the western application (the stretch from New Mills to Egloskerry) will shortly be withdrawn for re-submission to take account of an updated environmental study and to correct a small error in the current application. As it is about to be withdrawn, the committee did not vote on it but I sensed that there was strong support for the view that the trail should not be built in a way that would compromise the future extension of the railway.

For the eastern end - from town to New Mills - the committee viewed the proposal to include such a huge length of on-road trail along Under Lane as the deciding factor. They voted 7-1 against the proposal. This matter will be decided by Cornwall Council's East Area Planning Committee.

On the issue of the Link Road development and proposed Morrisons, Margaret Wills of Launceston in Bloom made a speech on the need to preserve the avenue of oaks. She said that she was not against the proposal in principle, but she wanted to preserve the trees that had been planted by such a wide range of organisations at the millennium. The committee agreed to support moving the development sufficiently back so as to not impinge on the growing trees.

They also voted in favour of the principle and key elements of the development but raised questions about the number of houses proposed and the cut in the proportion of employment land. They also voted to restore the spur from the roundabout to the boundary of the development to form the southern loop road - this has disappeared from the latest plans. This application will be determined by Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee.

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