Friday, 26 October 2012

Camelford Leisure Centre deal announced - UPDATED

The front page of today's Cornish Guardian carries the announcement that Camelford Leisure Centre has been saved from closure by the local community after Cornwall Council decided to close it.

This is fantastic news for the people of Camelford, led by Mayor Rob Rotchell and the leisure centre users. It's been a long fight. Two years ago the Council declared that they would be abandoning the leisure centre (we have never found out why they chose Camelford) and closure was certain unless the local community stepped in.

After a lot of hard work (and precious little help at times from the council), the funding has been secured and the leisure centre will stay open. Neil Burden deserves credit for ensuring that there is funding from the children's services department for the next two years as part of the package.

Read the full story here.

UPDATE: Local MP Dan Rogerson has added his thoughts:

"I am extremely grateful to everyone involved who has worked so hard to secure the future of the Leisure Centre for the town and the surrounding areas. It is only through their hard work and determination that the Centre has been saved.

"Naturally there will be some way to go to get more support for the future to ensure that the Centre can become profitable and stand on its own two feet. I will continue to lend my support and to help out where I can.

"It is good to see that despite their poor response at the start, Cornwall Council has now come around and agreed to meet local people half way in their bid to save the centre by guaranteeing some funding for the next two years. But other leisure centres in Cornwall will still be receiving funding from the Council, so I am now calling on the Conservative and Independent administration running Cornwall Council to continue to provide funding in the long term like they do for other leisure centres. The People of Camelford and the North coast pay their Council Tax like everyone else, and so they deserve to be treated the same as everyone else in Cornwall."

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