Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The great summer of sport becomes a great autumn too

Did you hear that scream? That was the producer of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year show running from the building as Andy Murray became the first British man to win a grand slam since forever. And with that win he established himself firmly among the top rank of the SPOTY candidates.

What's it going to take to win the award this year? It seems it's definitely a matter of 'Gold Medal +..."

According to the bookies, the favourite is still Bradley Wiggins - Gold Medal + Tour de France winner.

But then there are also:

Andy Murray - Gold Medal + US Open winner + Wimbledon finalist (if he'd won that one too he would probably be ahead of Wiggo)
Mo Farah - Two Gold Medals
Sarah Storey - Four Gold Medals
David Weir - Four Gold Medals
Ellie Simmonds - Two Gold Medals, one silver and one bronze
Chris Hoy - Two Gold Medals (but he will be marked down as a previous winner)
Ben Ainslie - Gold Medal (but it was the fourth time he has won his event)
Rory McIlroy - US PGA major winner
Jonathan Fox - Gold Medal + Silver Medal

Poor old Jessica Ennis with her measley one Gold Medal is getting shoved down the list, but will safely make the shortlist partly because her event is one of the toughest, but also because the BBC was so embarrassed by the all-male shortlist last time that they will (rightly) include her this time. But people like Victoria Pendleton, Greg Rutherford and Alistair Brownlee might well miss out.

Look at that list again. Not only are there no footballers, rugby players or cricketers, but McIlroy is the only person on it who did not appear that the Olympics.

My own personal preference is still for Wiggins. The Tour de France is the toughest annual event in sport. But this was Britain's Olympic year and so a winner needs to have performed on that stage as well - and Wiggins did that in spades.

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Andrew Brown said...

...and Murray has another chance to increase his odds - the ATP tour finals at the O2 in November.

I don't know how we get down to a shortlist of *just* 10!