Sunday, 16 September 2012

Royal Mail's 'head in the sand' attitude

Not surprisingly, over the past few days I've been talking to Royal Mail quite a lot. Their attitude to the mail delivery problems we've been experiencing in Launceston leaves a lot to be desired.
  • At first their attitude was one of blaming the messenger - claiming that 48 hours was not enough to make a simple phone call.
  • Then they said that because they have a form ticked in the right place, that means that every house has been delivered to every day.
  • Next they said that because they hadn't had very many complaints to their call centre then it can't really be much of a problem.
  • Finally, they appear to be accusing local residents of making it all up.
At no stage has there been even the hint of an apology or a commitment to put things right.

It may be that they are actually working hard behind the scenes to plug to staff shortage and to reinstate daily deliveries. I certainly hope so. But the residents and businesses of Launceston deserve better than that. We deserve an apology.

UPDATE - I'm delighted that the BBC covered this story in their bulletin tonight but should point out, of course, that the Post Office is a separate business from Royal Mail and our local Post Office and staff have nothing to do with any of the problems residents are experiencing.

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