Thursday, 13 September 2012

Royal Mail must restore daily deliveries in Launceston

There appears to be a significant shortage of postmen and women in Launceston at the moment. I'm told by many residents that they are only getting mail deliveries every three days. Neighbours have told me that they were finding the same story up and down their street. So we talked to the delivery office who said that they are short staffed at the moment and that the problem is affecting around half the town.

I know that the staff we have are a very friendly and hard-working bunch, but it's a big problem if there are too few of them and it seems that they are so short staffed that even doing a bit of overtime can't solve the problem.

Apparently the powers that be further up the line in Royal Mail won't allow any more staff to be employed to cover the deliveries. Launceston Delivery Office's hands are tied and they can only do what they can with the staff they have.

Whilst we might be communicating more and more electronically, there are still lots of reasons why we rely on the postal service. In particular, businesses need a reliable postal service for deliveries to customers including items ordered on-line, to receive parts and raw materials and to get paid. So fewer deliveries risks orders, profits and, ultimately, jobs.

The Royal Mail has a universal service commitment in their contract to offer a delivery service to every house six days a week. Their website states:
"Royal Mail has an obligation to deliver mail to every UK address every working day"

Together with my fellow councillor Sasha Gillard-Loft, I have asked Royal Mail for a comment and explanation (as well as a promise to restore our proper service). They still haven't got back to us...

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