Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ridgegrove Rubbish (yet again)

I'm sorry to report that there are problems yet again with the amount of rubbish building up at the communal waste areas on the Ridgegrove Estate.

The pictures here were taken last night. It's the day before the collection is due, but the amount of rubbish spilling into the pathways is unacceptable and a blight for residents. I assume that the last collection was made on time and so it seems that two collections per week is simply not enough. I have asked the council to look urgently at introducing a third collection.

One of the problems with overflowing bins is that a lot of rubbish spills out onto the road and is often blown out onto Ridgegrove Lane. I've asked the council for an urgent litter pick and roadsweep to clear this up.

Hopefully, the problem will lessen when the estate moves to weekly doorstep collections. This was planned to be introduced a month or so ago, but the gas main works have put this on hold. I'm still pressing for doorstep collections as soon as possible.

One of the other problems is that of fly-tipping. Some residents seem to think that it is okay to dump large items like sofas and chairs by the bin areas. If the council can identify who has done this then they will take action to fine the people responsible.

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