Monday, 24 September 2012

Ridgegrove Lighting

There has been a lot of concern recently among residents on the Ridgegrove Estate about their failed streetlighting. This was first reported on September 4th both to the council and to me. Yet the lights are still not working.

When I was first told about the problem, I immediately called the council to ensure that it had been properly logged as a problem. I told them that lights were out in all three streets on the estate.

A week later and I was still getting calls to report streetlights not working and so I called again... and again... and again. The trouble is that street light faults are noted by the Council's call centre, which passes the complaints on to the streetlighting team, which then passes them on to Western Power, who then instruct one of their contractors to fix it. That's a very long chain to follow - particularly when members of the public can only get hold of the first link and there is no provision for automatically reporting back on progress.

Having spoken to Western Power today, I am told that they were only told by Cornwall Council about the fault on the 11th September and thought they had fixed the problem within 24 hours. The trouble is that it seems that only a section of lighting on the estate was reported to them as being faulty.

The good news is that Western Power have been asked to re-visit the estate today to check all the lighting in all parts. Hopefully they can fix it quickly.

But for the future, I am asking the council to shorten the fault reporting chain and to ensure that people who do submit reports are called back to give them progress reports. They have agreed that this is an issue and they are looking at how they can do so.

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