Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Petition against Cornwall Privatisation

A petition has been launched by a cross party group of councillors calling for plans by senior members of Cornwall Council to privatise services to be stopped. Services including libraries, payroll and benefit payments face being run by outside companies after a tendering process for work worth £300m a year.

The petition is being run by Andrew Wallis, the Independent councillor who proposed the anti-privatisation motion at the last council meeting. Andrew's motion was approved by the majority of councillors but the Cabinet decided the next day to ignore democracy and press ahead with the plan.

Others behind the petition are MK's Andrew Long, Lib Dem Geoff Brown, Labour's Jude Robinson and Independent Graham Walker.

I've signed the petition. You can do so here.


North Cornwall Railway Company said...

But nothing on your blog about the petition right on your patch, with regards the shoddy Council trail that significantly effects Launceston's biggest attraction, that has attracted a similar number of signatories?

Come on Mr Folkes, time to do the job you were elected to do and publically champion important local matters.

Alex Folkes said...

With respect, I've been working behind the scenes on the TRAC project for more than two years, trying to get the trail that Launceston and the surrounding areas deserve. I've been happy to discuss it with anyone who asks.
There's a meeting this evening on the subject and I'll be posting about that tonight or tomorrow.