Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ooh, a gong

I'm not at Lib Dem conference this year - too much going on in Cornwall and, sadly, it's a very expensive week away - but last night I won an award at the annual Blog of the Year bash.

The awards have been going for some time. They are hosted by Liberal Democrat Voice, the site created for and run by party activists. The categories include best new blog, best use of e-campaigning, best blog by an elected person, best non-party liberal blog and blog of the year.

Together with lots of others, I was shortlisted for the best use of e-campaigning campaign for the Say No to the Pasty Tax campaign. I wasn't the only person behind this, of course - it was a campaign run on many fronts by people both within and outside the Lib Dems. The winner though was Bears for Belarus, a campaign run by Liberal Youth to highlight the shameful nature of the last remaining European dictatorship.

But it was better luck for me in the Tim Garden Award given to the best blog by a Lib Dem holding public office. In this category I was up against International Development Minister Lynne Featherstone, Bristol West MP Stephen Williams and Suffolk parish councillor Mark Valladares. This is actually the second time I've won this award - so I'm happy to be recognised for continuing to get this blog right.

The pic above isn't me of course - it's fellow blogger Paul Walter, who co-edits Lib Dem Voice, originally from Bude, who picked up the award on my behalf.


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Well done Alex congratulations.