Thursday, 13 September 2012

Missing Post - Have you been affected? - UPDATED

Further to my previous blog, I've now heard back from the public affairs team at Royal Mail. They assure me that 'the Universal Service Obligation is being delivered' - in other words that every house in Launceston is getting a mail delivery every working day Monday to Saturday.

That directly contradicts the evidence presented to me by residents and the statements made by local Royal Mail staff who say that they are under-staffed at the moment, that they have asked head office for more staff and that this request has been refused.

The Royal Mail person I have spoken to has asked for a report of customer complaints which he will get tomorrow. I have no idea what this will show as most people would choose to talk to the local delivery office rather than ring a number that sends them through many tiers of automated options before you get to talk to a call centre goodness knows where.

In the meantime, if anyone knows of any street that has been missed out and not received its regular deliveries, please could they let me know and I will pass it on to Royal Mail.

And remember, please don't blame the local delivery office and ordinary posties who appear to be short of staff and doing their best to cope in difficult circumstances.

UPDATE - So far I have been told that St Stephens Hill received no post for at least three days last week (and then a huge bundle on Saturday) and that similar happened in Park View. In both cases it has been reported to me that the post just sat in the delivery office. Royal Mail's HQ claims about all deliveries being made every day seems to be falling apart.

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