Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Launceston Driving Test Centre on the move

Launceston's driving test centre will shortly be on the move, but the signs are that it won't be going too far.

A week or so ago, the Driving Standards Agency sent out letters saying that they were being kicked out of their current base on Western Road at the end of January. This is because the main tenant there - The Department of Work and Pensions - has served them notice. I don't yet know what plans they have for the site, but we are asking.

The DSA said that it was looking for an alternative site and I learned that this came down to two options:

- Moving to one of the Sheers Barton Barns on the road to Lawhitton
- Merging with the Bodmin test centre and moving to new premises at Halfords in Bodmin.

Clearly, from a Launceston point of view, keeping the test centre near the town is the preference. With all driving instructors conducting some lessons in and around the test venue, local Launceston learners faced the prospect of minimum lesson times jumping from one hour to two. No doubt the extra time could have been profitably used learning dual carriageway driving, but it would still mean increased costs at a time when the price of passing your test is going up and up.

I'm therefore glad to hear that it looks like the Lawhitton option has been chosen. I hope that the DSA is able to make this happen.

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