Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Dear Apple and Orange - you are in danger of losing a customer

Congratulations Apple and Orange, your new operating system is losing you a customer.

Last Saturday I got a message on my phone (a four month old iphone 4S) to say that I should upgrade to the new ios6 operating system. I had read the comments about the problems with the mapping software but figured that I could live with that problem and so I pressed the upgrade button. Big mistake.

Since that time my battery life has been cut by at least 50% to the extent that it needs re-charging during the course of a working day. And, in addition, I can't make or receive a call without losing signal and being cut off within 30 seconds. Even when a call starts with a full five bars of signal, it will disappear to nothing and cut me off within 30 seconds which makes it a bit difficult to do my job.

So today I called Orange. They told me that the problem with my signal might be because the new EE carrier isn't working yet and I should manually select Orange as a different carrier. Brilliant. They upgrade me to a system that doesn't work.

Unfortunately, even that didn't work and the phone tries to shove me back onto the EE signal at every opportunity. I asked about returning to the old operating system and was told that this is a strictly one way process.

And what of the battery life? Well Orange seem to think that my handset magically developed a hardware fault at exactly the same moment as I upgraded the system. Not so sure about that one. So then they suggested I call Apple.

After the usual ten minutes of menu options and speech recognition lady, I'm put on hold. And then they cut me off.

I'll give it one more go to try to call them tomorrow morning. If not, I'll be returning my otherwise lovely iphone and cancelling my contract.

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MR PJ said...

Get yourself an Android phone. Half the price. Apps much cheaper and so much more customisable. I have the HTC One X. Brilliant phone. The S3 is also brilliant. You'll also be able to find your way to all those meetings with Google maps too...