Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Council consults on two new crossings for Launceston

Cornwall Council is consulting on two new pedestrian crossings of the A388 in Launceston. As local residents will know, the first of these was scheduled for the last financial year and so is more than 6 months behind already. The second was meant to be in place this financial year. But it's better late than never!

The first crossing will be a controlled 'puffin' style crossing on Western Road just up from the junction with Westgate Street.

The second will be an informal 'pedestrian refuge' type crossing near the junction with Station Road. As part of these works, the pavement will be made wider on the town side of the road.

Whilst I think both crossings would be a considerable improvement on the current situation, it means that the crossing at the lights at Newport is being dropped. Engineers have claimed that adding a pedestrian phase to these lights would increase the maximum waiting time from about 3 minutes to as much as 20-30 at peak times. I'm afraid I can't quite believe that and have asked officers to look again.

The reason I'm still keen to see a light controlled crossing at Newport is because it is far safer and because it is integral to the TRAC trail from Polson to Egloskerry. Not having a light controlled crossing could make the trail very difficult for cyclists and horse riders to navigate. Given the choice between a light controlled crossing and the pedestrian refuge version, I'd much prefer the former - but will take the latter if it really proves impossible to do anything else.

You can find the official consultation online here.

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