Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Western Road roadworks - UPDATED

A few people have asked me what the road works on Western Road at the junction with St Johns Road are all about. They are causing considerable delays, especially at peak periods.

I am told that they are emergency works to repair a gas main. Normally, Cornwall Council requires more than a month's notice for major roadworks, but emergency works can take place without this.

I have asked how long the council expects these works to take. I would have expected that 'emergency works' would have seen contractors working into the evening to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. It's very frustrating to see these there are no contractors at work outside 'regular' work hours.

I'll post again when I get an answer.

UPDATE - As Paul (see comments) has said, these works appear to be to replace the old metal gas main with a plastic main. The works in the main road should be ending today (Friday) but the works in St Johns Rd will carry on until mid September. The hours of work are meant to be 0730 until 1700 but the manual control of the traffic lights continues until 1800.


Lanson Chamber said...

Always happens in the Summer when we are desperate to attract tourists into the town.
Last year Race Hill was blocked due to the roof opposite Racey Plaice.

Now we have two sets of works running consecutively on the two main roads into the town, following immediately on from the resurfacing work by the college.
With all this and the car park charges it seems someone in Highways is trying to finish our town off completely.

Is it coincidence that traders in the town reported an apalling day yesterday (quieter than a normal Monday, let alone it being peak holiday season) and a not much better one today?

We're really up against it in the town centre at the moment and everyone seems to be completely oblivious to this when making decisions down in Truro.

Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe it.

Paul Loft
Deputy Chair
Launceston Chamber of Commerce

Paul said...

I live in St Johns Road and we had a letter about a month ago regarding this work.

The gas supplier is replacing the old metal pipe with plastic all along St Johns Road. As far as I know this isn't emergancy work but scheduled.

I think the letter said it will take 5 weeks to complete.


Charlie O'Mahoney said...

Re: Paul Loft's comment.

There have been plenty of visitors to the steam railway whilst the road works are in place. The tourists are clearly coming off the A30 and through the roadworks. Has the Chamber of Commerce considered the proactive step of asking if you can put a sign up in the railway's car park advertising the town centre and how to get there by foot or car?

You can't do much about the car parking charges (which are as farcical as Cornwall Council's attempt to build a trail to attract visitors to the town), but you can try to tap into a market of 30,000 visitors which are right under your nose.

Lanson Chamber said...

It's not something we have ever considered asking for, but if the offer is there then we'd be happy to take it up.