Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Party for Cornwall?

There's a Cornwall Council by-election taking place in St Keverne following the sad death of Independent councillor Pam Lyne. But, once again, the so called 'Party for Cornwall', MK, are not putting up a candidate.

This will be the fifth by-election of the council and, to date, MK have only put up candidates in two of them. Confusingly, the last by-election was in nearby Wendron which MK won (and all credit to them). So how come they have given this one a pass?

Are they really the Party for Cornwall?

UPDATE - Andrew Long, MK's Deputy Leader, tells me that they had a candidate who had to withdraw at the last minute for family reasons.

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Smiling Monkey said...

It strikes me that the Lib Dems are the party for Cornwall, because they appear to care the most.