Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Launceston Athletic Club relaunches to support the Olympic legacy

I've just received the following information which I'm delighted to re-post. It's great news and good luck to them!

Launceston sportspeople determined to create an Olympic legacy are reviving the town’s old athletics club. Launceston Athletic Club and Cornwall Athletics are hosting Star Track Day on Thursday, August 30 to give young people the chance to benefit from coaching in running, jumping and throwing as well as taking part in fun games and activities.

Those who catch the bug will be able to join Launceston Athletic Club which will run Wednesday and Friday evening sessions for all adults and children from September 26.

Coach and administrator David Brown said: “Launceston Athletic Club has been in existence for 50 years if not more. It was started by Owen Slater who was very well known in the town. It was a very strong club and very competitive. A lot of the children were Cornwall schools champions and there was a great history of success. When Owen died it just folded up.”

Mr Brown is working with treasurer Conrad Dubey and Crunch Gym owners and coaches Mark Quick and Merwyn Davis to capitalise on the Olympics and the interest generated in order to re-establish the club.

“The Olympics have been about the next generation and leaving a legacy,” said Mr Brown. “We want to follow that through and get Launceston back to where it was 20 years ago when the town had over 20 sports clubs.”

The club is looking for experienced coaches and other volunteers who would be willing to help at sessions at least one evening per month.

“If someone thinks they want to get involved and try a sport then come along,” said Mr Brown.

Mr Quick said: “The Olympics have been a great inspiration to us and we feel as a fitness and martial arts academy we would like to inspire and be involved with the future of athletics in Launceston and the next generation of athletes and get the community active, especially the children.”

Star Track Day runs from 10am to 3pm on Thursday, August 30 at Launceston College’s sports hall. It is open to 8 to 14-year-olds of all ages and abilities and costs £10 per person which includes a goody bag. For more details or to book, call 07842 942159 or email crunchgym@yahoo.co.uk.

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