Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Heart FM seeking to drop Cornish content

A few months after taking over the former Atlantic FM radio station, Heart have announced that they are seeking permission to drop the separate weekday Cornwall drive-time show and to cut the amount of speech-based content.

One of the reasons being given by Heart is that they think people in North Cornwall and South East Cornwall owe more allegiance to Devon than they do to Cornwall. And they go on to say:
“We consider that the new, regional drive-time programme will enhance the range of programmes available in the area by offering a broader regional perspective"
I think Heart are making a big mistake. With Pirate, Radio Cornwall and Atlantic, Cornwall enjoyed a pretty vibrant and distinctive local radio output. Many listeners in Cornwall enjoyed the special character of Atlantic FM and hoped that Heart would be retaining a Cornish voice. Sadly it seems that we will be getting a Devonwall mush.

And as for the idea that people in North Cornwall owe their allegiance to Devon, the idea is ridiculous. We might be in the East of Cornwall and on the border with Devon, but the vast majority of local people are proud to live in Cornwall.

UPDATE - Local paper coverage of the story here.

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