Monday, 6 August 2012

An open letter to Sheryll Murray MP

Dear Sheryll

Are you a secret supporter of Devonwall?

I always assumed you weren't on the basis that the idea is an anathema to Cornish history and culture and about as popular around here as a cream tea with the jam on top.

But then, this afternoon, you used your twitter account to post the following:
"I thought Lib Dems believed in fairness for all yet they don't now appear to agree with equal representation for all voters. Disappointing!"
Obviously you were referring to Nick Clegg's decision to order Lib Dem MPs to vote against the new parliamentary constituencies after Tory backbenchers scuppered Lords reform.

But you see Sheryll, you can't have the new boundaries and the 'equal representation for all voters' without having a cross border seat that takes in parts of Devon and parts of Cornwall.

The Boundary Commission were given very strict limits for their work. No seat could be more than 5% bigger or smaller than the average and that meant that Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly couldn't have an exact number of constituencies. There would have to be one that crossed the border.

Most of us understood that. We argued that the rules needed to be looser. The Boundary Commission could still sort out some of the most glaring inconsistencies and even things up a lot, but they could also respect natural communities. You obviously felt that the Commission needed to be micro-managed and the result was Devonwall.

I've tried getting the answer out of you via a conversation on twitter, but you have three times refused to answer my question. So, do you support Devonwall?



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