Sunday, 22 July 2012

Elan's grass-cutting failure means play area is a no-go - UPDATED

Even though Elan Homes have mostly finished their work at Kensey Valley Meadow in Launceston, residents are still being left in the lurch with grass cutting not being done.

As part of the handover to Cornwall Council, Elan are still maintaining the open spaces on the estate until the end of the summer. Or at least they are meant to be. Grass cutting on the top square of the estate - a very popular play area - hasn't been done for many months and the grass is now at least 2 feet tall. Other open spaces on the estate have seen some cuts.

With the school holidays now started, local kids want a safe place to play and the top square should be one such area.

I've asked council officers to get Elan Homes to do what they promised or to undertake the work ourselves and bill the developer.

UPDATE - Elan have promised to cut the grass 'as soon as possible'. 

UPDATE 2 - The grass was cut today. Thanks to Council officers and Elan for responding - we'll now be keeping eyes out to make sure it is done on a regular basis.

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lansonlad said...

Alex, why are you surprised? Elan rose from the ashes of David Mclean homes, and look at the problems generally on the Kensey Valley Meadow development due to their quality management.