Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cornwall's 200 apprenticeships - about bloody time!

Hidden away in the detail of the new higher education bursary scheme is an announcement from Cornwall Council that they plan to create 200 new apprenticeships and encourage others to create more. About bloody time!

Quite frankly, the council's record on apprenticeships is pretty embarrassing. When I asked about the number a few months ago I was told it was just 12. For one of the largest employers in Cornwall, that's just pathetic.

The 200 is very good news, but pales compared with the announcement made by Sheffield City Council today that it will be creating 4000 apprenticeships. If Sheffield (with an almost identical population) can, why can't Cornwall?

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David said...

Let's hope these are real apprenticeships with real training opportunities. This should be seen as an investment in Cornwall's future.