Friday, 27 July 2012

Cornwall Council's Olympic celebrations start with P45s

With timing about as bad as it is possible to be, Cornwall Council has today sent redundancy notices to the staff employed at Camelford Leisure Centre and warned of the possible closure of the centre. So whilst the rest of the UK is looking forward to tonight's Olympic Opening Ceremony, these hard working sports staff are looking for new jobs.

Cornwall Council announced a year ago that it was closing Camelford Leisure Centre. It is only thanks to some very hard and fast work by the local community that it hasn't been shut already. The hope is still that the community group can keep the centre open, but today's redundancy notices aren't exactly a sign of good progress. Even if the facility is kept open beyond the current cut off point at the end of October, it seems likely to be without the well trained and experienced staff who have run it up to now.

Why the council picked on the community of Camelford and their leisure centre has still never been properly explained. Whilst other centres have lost money left right and centre, Camelford has seen user numbers and membership numbers increased and subsidy levels cut. It's now one of the most efficient centres in Cornwall. Yet still the Conservative led council refuses to agree to keep it open.