Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cornwall announces higher education bursary scheme

Cornwall Council has this morning announced a proposal to give bursaries to students from Cornwall who get a place at university. We'll wait to see the details, but it looks like a good news day for young people in Cornwall.

In brief, every student who has lived in Cornwall for three years before going to university will get support to help them study. At the minimum, this will be £30. For those from families earning less than £42,600 a year, there will be £1800 over the three years of study for some courses and for those from the same households who gain a place at one of the top 30 universities that amount will rise to £3000 over the length of the course.

The downside of the scheme appears to be in two parts:

  • first, that it won't start for two years and that means two cohorts of young people who will have to pay the new higher fees without the additional help that their brothers and sisters will get from 2014;
  • second, that the money for the scheme appears to be coming from other parts of the education budget at County Hall. I wasn't aware that there were pots of spare cash rolling around and we'll be looking closely to make sure that other disadvantaged groups won't be losing out to pay for this good news.

As I say, we'll wait for the details before giving two thumbs up, but it is certainly a positive announcement.

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