Sunday, 24 June 2012

#PastyTax wins an award

The pasty tax campaign has won an award in the Politics Home awards held last Tuesday but screened last night. Well, sort of...

Some of the awards are given for the use of social media and one is for the use of hashtags on twitter, Hashtags (the use of # before a word or phrase) allow people who have no other connection to link with each other. So the use of #pastytax in posts on the site allows people who all want to comment on the same thing to see what others are saying.

The Politics Home people gave the award for Hashtag of the Year to #pastytax - something I came up with and the campaign started using on the evening of the Chancellor's budget. In a case of great minds thinking alike, Alison Charlton had also come up with the same hashtag a short while before me and so scooped the prize.

Congratulations to Alison, but also great to have recognition for the impact of our twitter campaign.

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