Friday, 22 June 2012

New bus services for Launceston

New bus services for Launceston could be on the cards after a meeting I had with council officers yesterday. The current paucity of services means that many local residents end up having to use their cars for short journeys in and around the town.

Cornwall Council adopted a transport plan last year which promises a wider variety of community and local bus services. The catch is that this is a 20 year plan and there is no indication when these services might be created within that timescale.

The current town bus service is a good one, but is limited in the parts of the town it can reach whilst still maintaining an hourly service. Developments such as Kensey Valley Meadow and Oak Moor View are not served and areas like Hay Common will also be missed when the houses are built there.

I have therefore asked officers to look at the feasibility of introducing a second town bus in Launceston to operate during the daytime. It might be possible to combine this with some of the school services in order to provide the best value for money.

Such a new service is still some way off if it happens. We would probably need to wait for the next re-tendering of supported bus services in two years time. But I am hopeful that we can build on the current levels of service such that no one will feel the need to use their car to make short journeys in the future.

I have also asked officers to contact Western Greyhound to ask if some or all of the services between Launceston and Exeter could travel via to old A30 with stops at Kensey Hill and Lifton. At present the service leaves Launceston and uses the A30 direct to Okehampton. More stops in town could enable more local residents to use it.

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