Wednesday, 6 June 2012

In praise of the Tweetbus

If you have seen a rather elderly converted hoppa bus around Launceston recently, you might have wondered what it was. The Tweet Bus is the abode of two wonderful individuals, Dave and Sharon, who have been helping Launceston to become one of the most Twitter-connected places in Cornwall.

Twitter is one of a number of social media platforms. It's not for everybody (and life won't end if you aren't on it), but it can help businesses stay in touch with their customers. That's why so many local firms are now taking to the 140 character airwaves. At least 33 local businesses are on Twitter and more are signing up every day.

Perhaps one of the most obvious uses is to broadcast special offers such as Launceston Loyalty Card discounts. That's what a large number of local businesses are doing already.

But Twitter is at its best when it is a two way conversation. Customers can ask questions as well as giving informal reviews. It's that sort of interaction that the Tweet Bus are trying to encourage. And what's more, Twitter is free (as is the advice and help given by Dave and Sharon.

To see the full list of Launceston businesses online, check out the Launceston page of the Tweet Bus website. And don't forget to follow them on Twitter @Tweet_Bus

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