Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Waste and recycling update - overflowing dog bins

The new waste and recycling contract is still causing a huge number of problems across Launceston (and Cornwall).

It seems that litter bins haven't been emptied for some time. I have reported the one on the corner of St Johns Road and Western Road. If you know of others, please get in touch.

As colleagues across Cornwall have found, the new contractor appears to be ignoring dog waste bins completely. The picture shows the one on Moorland Road outside the police station. Again, if you know of others, please get in touch.

I've been told of one street where the contractors came early and so missed picking up rubbish from half the houses. Whilst residents have been told not to rely on the old collection times and to get their rubbish out by 7am, it doesn't help when the contractors come round at 6am! If you have suffered a missed collection, please let me know.

And the saga of Ridgegrove bins continues. Nobody at Cornwall Council has yet had the courtesy to get in touch to explain why this area has had its service downgraded despite two emails from me asking for an explanation. The bottom photo shows the latest situation.

My colleague Adam Paynter has told me about a situation in Roydon Lane where residents haven't had their recycling collected for 13 days.

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