Monday, 2 April 2012

Poor communications letting Cornwall Council down over waste

Cornwall Council's new waste collection contract is a major undertaking and will involve significant changes to most homes across the area. But, as if the changes weren't hard enough, they are being further let down by some pretty poor communications.

- I have had numerous complaints that people are left hanging on the phone for 15 minutes or more if they try to call either the dedicated waste line or the council's main number.

- I am told that many homes have yet to receive their new recycling bags and boxes even though their neighbours have. The Council has made it clear that some areas will not be delivered until the end of April, but if a resident sees that their neighbours have their boxes, they can only assume they have been missed - hence the calls to the Council.

- The website is still hiding the collection checker halfway down the front page. And even if you do find it, some people are finding that their postcodes are returned as 'not applicable'.

- Despite promises by the council that the old bags and sacks could be used until the end of April, residents have complained that recycling waste that is being put out in the old disposable sacks is not being collected, leaving bottles, tin cans and paper on local pavements and gardens.

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JonnyatSea said...

The new black box, which is blue, will be delivered along with a new yellow bag which is green and a red bag which is blue or yellow and a combination of either a blue/green sack that is pink and a red/black sack that is in fact blue, or yellow, or even green, maybe.
Legendary work!