Thursday, 5 April 2012

The continuing trouble with waste

The new waste contract continues to give problems for Cornwall Council. As well as hugely long phone queues, there are numerous stories of missed collections and bags and boxes being left half-emptied.

As with any new contract, there are bound to be teething troubles in the first weeks. The test will be how quickly these mistakes are rectified and whether there are any still on-going after the first month.

I know that the Council has massively increased the number of staff on duty in the call centre to deal with queries, but if the waiting time is still 25 minutes or more in some cases then they clearly haven't got enough. And, whilst it is good that the new contract sees waste continue to be collected on bank holidays, it doesn't help that the call centre will be closed tomorrow and Monday.

I've had a few calls about problems in the Launceston area, but thankfully not as many as have come from other areas. If you have any concerns over the new system, please email me or call and I will pass them on directly to be dealt with.

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Mrs B said...

Tories on Wokingham Borough have just changed the waste contract. Also a nightmare. Missed collections are the least of it. Confusion and annoyance reign. We now have to use council-issued blue bags for waste, with extras costing £4 for 10. And have really limited doorstep recycling. Plus £60 a year for garden waste collection. Big, big issue on the doorstep for the local elections.