Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another waste update ('I'm alright Jack' edition) - UPDATED

Residents across Cornwall are still experiencing big problems with the new waste contract as I blogged last Thursday. In Launceston, our first major test comes tomorrow as that is the day when the majority of households have their first combined waste and recycling collection under the new scheme.

Elsewhere the situation doesn't look too rosy. One colleague sent me the picture on the left of what happened when Cory piled a load of bags for collection and then forgot to collect them. When she tried to call the waste company the person who answered said he was too busy to talk and put the phone down on her. Other colleagues report similar problems in their areas too.

The response from the administration has been very disappointing. Whilst we always knew that there would be teething troubles - as there can be with any new project - the portfolio holder simply tweeted to say that everything had worked fine in his area and the Leader of the Independents boasted that he got a problem in his patch dealt with straightaway. I'm very glad that the problems aren't occurring everywhere, but there has to be seen to be a lot more action to rectify the problems which have occurred.

UPDATE - This picture and the video below were taken on the Ridgegrove Estate this morning. Utterly disgusting.

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Lanson Chamber said...

Still no sign of recycling containers in many parts of Lanson town centre, promised for the end of the month.
In the meantime, can we have confidence that the old plastic bags WILL be taken in the morning?
We already have 3 weeks worth of recycling in the flat and would not wish to go another fortnight if things go wrong tomorrow.