Monday, 12 March 2012

What would you do with an extra £60 per month?

On April 1st, the changes to the income tax system will mean that more than 25 million working people in the UK will see more money in their pay packet.

The Lib Dems want to go further. We believe that the tax threshold should be at least £10,000 - meaning that anyone who earns less than that will pay no income tax at all. This would put an extra £60 per month in the pocket of most workers.

What would you do with an extra £60 per month?

Whilst the coalition is steadily moving towards the £10,000 level, it should be possible to go further. Why should anyone who works normal full-time hours on minimum wage pay any income tax at all? So the Lib Dems are calling for more tax cuts for millions of working people to be put before tax cuts for millionaires.

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Sandy Angove said...

But they may well still be liable for NIC's.... which in one way is good, as people retain their entitlement to means tested benefits; but the integration of income tax and nic is long overdue.