Thursday, 15 March 2012

Waste collection dates changing in Launceston - UPDATED

Rubbish and recycling collection days for much of Launceston are changing in two weeks time.

As part of the new waste contract, the new service providers have been given the chance to review all of their rounds and change the collection days if they wished. In Launceston they have done so and some areas which were previously collected on a Tuesday will now be collected on a Wednesday - both for black bag waste and recycling.

In order to check what is happening for your property, you should check online by going to the Cornwall Council website here and entering your postcode in the box halfway down the lefthand side (it could be made a lot clearer!)

There will also be leaflets delivered to each house in the next week.

UPDATE - I've been asked whether the frequency of collections will change. I can confirm that in North Cornwall it won't. We will still get weekly black bag rubbish collections and fortnightly recycling collection.

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