Friday, 9 March 2012

Ridgegrove vandalism to be repaired 'early next week'

The damage to the gates on the new Ridgegrove play area will be fixed early next week I have been assured. But it looks like the promised litter bin might take a while longer.

Vandals recently took one of the main gates on the play area off its hinges. The contractors have had to order new parts and these will be arriving early next week to enable to gate to be repaired.

There is also a lot of litter in the play area - I suspect because the litter bin promised when the play area was revamped last summer has never materialised. I'm chasing this, but have been told that it has to be cleared with the new waste contractors who won't start their work until April 2nd. I don't think that local people should have to wait for something promised nine months ago and have written to the Cabinet Member for an early answer.

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