Friday, 9 March 2012

New waste and recycling site opens on Pennygillam

This afternoon saw the formal opening of the new Household Waste Recycling Centre on the Pennygillam Estate. Together with other local councillors I was the guest of Sita at the formal opening at which Cabinet Member Julian German attempted* to cut the ribbon.

The new site is a great facility. It is in two parts - one is a massive shed which enables the transfer of household rubbish from bin lorries into much larger trucks which take it off to landfill (at the moment). Transferring it in this way means the bin lorries can spend more time on collections and there are less vehicles on our roads.

The other part of the site is the recycling facility which can cope with a huge range of materials from wood and cardboard to green waste, asbestos sheets and old electrical equipment. They are also collecting items which can be re-used.

Compared to the old site, this one is much more spacious and easy to use. It won't require climbing up steps and there won't be cars backing up into the main road on busy days.

(*Julian was offered a choice of brand new cutters or old fashioned shears. He chose the shears and they failed to cut the ribbon)

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