Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Young people consultation event

This evening I attended another consultation event with young people fro Launceston, Bude and Callington. Many thanks to Chris Marsh and everyone from the youth service for putting it on.

The main part of the evening was a 'speed dating' style conversation with small groups of young people around various subjects.

Talking about transport, young people highlighted the high cost of getting around as the biggest issue as well as frequency and difficult to read timetables.

On the subject of the image that young people have, they suggested using the local press more to generate a better impression by highlighting the positive things that local groups do as well as putting on more events.

Talking about how to improve their social life, there was a general call in all areas for more places that young people can meet, out of the rain and not involving pubs. There was a lot of appreciation for Bude's Friday Night Splash with Launceston wanting to replicate it.

Discussing how to make their communities safer, young people from all three areas highlighted the problem of badly lit paths as well as dangerous traffic.

We went on to discuss what could make each town better and what we are more proud of in each town. There's a lot of ideas for the Cornwall and town councillors who came along to take away and I have already started following up the requests I received.

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