Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Meeting with Police to discuss Moorland Road housing application

This morning I met with one of Cornwall Council's planning officers for our area and a representative of the Police Authority's property section to discuss the application to build two four bedroom houses on Moorland Road on the land currently used as a car park by the Police Station.

I've had a large number of local residents get in touch with me very concerned about this proposal - particularly about the impact on the local streets if 15 police station car park spaces are lost.

The application claims that lots of police jobs have moved recently to Bodmin or been lost altogether. They claim that they need fewer spaces and only need to create nine new spaces on the remainder of their land. I know that local residents don't agree with this and, despite the cut in the numbers based at the station, they say that there is still considerable congestion and that the problem is even worse at the beginning and end of the school day. And, whilst there has been a recent cut in the number of staff based in Launceston, there is nothing to say that this won't go back up again in the future.

I suggested to the Police Authority representative that they need to do more to prove that the overflow car park is no longer needed and that its loss won't cause additional pressures on local roads. As things stand, I have said that I cannot support this application and will call it to the formal committee to decide.

If you have a view on this application, please contact me.

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