Saturday, 28 January 2012

Good News - Adoption of Kensey Valley Meadow starts

Ever since I was elected two and a half years ago, I have been trying to secure the adoption by Cornwall Council of the roads and open spaces of the Kensey Valley Meadow development. Adoption means that local residents receive the full range of council support and services.

Now, finally, the adoption of the first phases of the estate has happened.

This has been a hugely long and complex road with any number of deadlines set and then broken. I don't believe that local residents have been well served by either the developer - Elan Homes - or the council which allowed Elan to get away with breaking its promises.

The adoption to date only covers the highways on the top end of the estate. The lower part of the estate has now entered a one year 'maintenance period' after which it should be adopted. The open spaces will also be adopted in about a year.

I'm very glad for local residents and proud of what the new residents association and I have managed to achieve.

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