Friday, 13 January 2012

Five to fight for Lanson Town Council vacancy

Five candidates will be contesting the Launceston town council election for a seat in South Ward made vacant by the sad death of Olver Harris.

The five are:

Ashley Crapp, standing as Community Volunteer - Independent
Maurice Davey - Liberal Democrat
Anna Duke - no description
Leighton Penhale - no description
Susan Roberts Alfar - Labour

I'm obviously backing Maurice Davey, the landlord of the Bell Inn and a great local bloke. But I'm delighted to see such interest in the seat. Last time there was a by-election there was no contest and John Conway was elected unopposed. The time before when there was a vacancy it was filled by co-option.

Next May, all the seats on the town council will be up for election - 7 in South Ward, 7 in Central and 2 in North. I hope that those who are not elected this time will choose to re-stand and that we can encourage a wide range of others to put themselves forward. Local democracy is important. It's no sleight on the current town councillors, but it is always better to have a contest than not!


Foss said...

Maurice would be a great addition to the town council, and it's good to see Ashley in the running too.

rpenhale said...

Leighton Penhale is standing as an independent

Alex Folkes said...

Thanks for that. On the ballot paper there won't be any description of Leighton as this was left blank on the nomination paper. I think people will reasonably assume he is an independent

rpenhale said...
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rpenhale said...

Leighton Penhale

Thanks Alex, the link above is Leighton's campaign poster. I know you are supporting Maurice but hope you dont mind me sharing this?

Alex Folkes said...

No problem - it's good to see a contest and there are a number of excellent candidates