Thursday, 17 November 2011

Stadium for Cornwall gets outline permission

Cornwall Council's Strategic Planning Committee today voted by 14 votes to 4 to approve an application for outline permission for a 10,000 seater stadium and hotel.

To be honest, from what I heard, they could hardly have refused. So many of the details - including the crucial question of how people will get there and where they will park if they drive - have been 'reserved' to the detailed application that there was little to discuss this time. Those who voted against the application appear to have done so because they wanted more details on these matters, not because they are fundamentally opposed.

The biggest debate was about whether a stadium in that location would stop the nearby airstrip from operating. The experts ruled that it wouldn't.

Today's positive outcome takes the stadium a small step along the road to happening but the number of reserved matters means that it is only a very small step. The crucial question of who might pay is the elephant in the room. Without funding (and both the council and Pirates have said they can't pay) this will never get past the drawing board.

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