Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Other news from full council

Even though it was the main event, the budget was not the only key item at today's six hour council meeting.

  • The proposal to back a public holiday on St Piran's Day - first put forward by my Lib Dem colleagues Ann Kerridge and Jeremy Rowe back in March - was finally approved. There were a large number of Conservatives (including the Leader) who backed an amendment for yet another round of consultation (presumably using expensive consultants). However the final result was pretty clear cut.
  • Cornwall Council will be continuing to campaign against the proposal for a Devonwall parliamentary constituency and will also be making a formal submission to the boundary commission asking them to use the new ward boundaries rather than the ones which have now been consigned to the dustbin. We don't believe that it helps constituents if people in a single ward are in two different constituencies. We also backed the proposal to retain the 'South East Cornwall' name for a constituency rather than the proposed 'Liskeard'.
  • At least some of the services offered by the Performing Arts Library will be kept in St Austell after a storm of protest greeted the initial proposal to move the entire thing to Threemilestone.
  • It appears that Cornwall Council will be expecting most of the work involved in helping people who do not live on the Olympic Torch route to see the procession to be done by the host towns and villages. I asked whether the Council had been in touch with the bus and train operators to ask them about helping out, but the answer appeared (it was pretty waffly) to be no. There do appear to be plans for other events across Cornwall, but the focal point - the torch itself - is likely to remain out of reach for many families. I'll get the full text of the response in the next couple of days and try to work out the meaning.

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