Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Oops - Cornwall Council want to close toilets they are being paid to keep open

Cornwall Council is trying to close 114 public toilets across Cornwall. But in at least one case they are actually being paid to keep those toilets open.

My colleague Nigel Pearce has uncovered emails which show that when Bude Foyer toilets were opened less than a year ago, the site developers paid the Council £75,000 towards cleaning and maintenance costs. With the annual costs of these toilets estimated at £6,000 per year at present (a sum that could, according to a council officer, be massively reduced), that amount should be enough to keep them open for at least twelve and a half years, if not far longer.

The site at Summerleaze was sold by Cornwall Council some time ago and part of the deal with the developer as that new toilets would be built and leased to Cornwall Council and the maintenance sum handed over.

The developers have kept their end of the bargain, but it appears that Cornwall Council wants to renege on the deal. Surely for the good of the people of Bude and the visitors who rely on these toilets, Cornwall Council should do the right thing and keep them open.

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