Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Olver Harris has died

I've just got the very sad news that Olver Harris died yesterday.

Olver had suffered a stroke a couple of months ago and had been in a nursing home since then but it is still very shocking to think that he won't be with us any more.

Olver was first elected more than fifty years ago. He claims it was when he was playing football outside a parish council meeting. The meeting wasn't quorate and the chairman came outside to ask him to sit there to make up the numbers. I'm not sure how true that was (Olver liked his tales), but he was certainly a member of various councils for more than fifty years in total. Among them were Launceston Borough Council (pre-1974 version), North Cornwall District Council and Launceston Town Council. He was mayor of the Town for four years in the 1960s and 1970s (the picture on the wall in the Guildhall shows a very striking young man!)

Two years ago, Olver was given the honour of becoming an Honorary Burgess of the town - an award most fitting for someone who had given so much.

As well as the town of Launceston, Olver was a member of the Cornwall Football Association for many years.

I don't yet know of any funeral arrangements, but I suspect that the whole of our town will come to a stop when he is laid to rest.

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