Wednesday, 16 November 2011

More toilet confusion - UPDATE

UPDATE - Council Leader Alec Robertson has just announced that the toilets issue will be put on hold for a year to allow for further discussions and consultation with town and parish councils. The post below was written before that announcement. I think this U-turn is very welcome and sensible considering the huge amount of disquiet from local councillors and towns and parishes.

Last night I wrote about the decision by Launceston Town Council to save the public toilets in our town by taking them over from Cornwall Council which had issued a 'take them or lose them' ultimatum.

This was a difficult decision for the town, but they decided that the possible additional cost to taxpayers was preferable to losing the facilities.

Yet today we find out that the Cornwall council ultimatum might not be worth the paper it is printed on. Apparently, at a meeting with some towns and parishes held in Truro on Monday, Cornwall Council Leader Alec Robertson said that the Conservative led Cabinet are now reconsidering the whole issue (again).

I think the appropriate phrase here is 'make up your damn minds'. Town and parish councils are now setting their budgets for next year. If they are being forced to take over costly services they need to know now. If they are not then they don't want to be demanding money from taxpayers that they don't need.

It seems that, once again, Cornwall Council's leadership couldn't organise their way out of a paper bag.

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