Monday, 14 November 2011

Devonwall proposal update

At this morning's meeting of Cornwall Council's Electoral Review Panel, we agreed to ask the full council to make a submission to the Boundary Review with an alternative to current proposals.

The first statement we want to make is about the Devonwall proposals. For all the reasons stated before, we want to reiterate our opposition to the idea of a constituency which crosses the border. Although the Boundary Commission was restricted in what they were allowed to propose, they are still able to make the statement that they are only proposing a Devonwall seat because they have to.

The second request to full council is to make a submission asking for the use of the new 2013 ward boundaries rather than the out of date 2009 boundaries. Although this only affects six wards, it still seems bonkers to use boundaries that are already out of date and which will split communities.

We will also be looking to see if there is a consensus on moving some wards to maintain natural communities. It is currently proposed that Mount Hawke & Portreath and St Agnes wards should be in the new Bodmin & Newquay constituency despite there being no natural affinity between the areas and the very strained communication links. It is also proposed that St Stephen parish should be split between two constituencies. As an alternative, it was proposed that the two north coast wards should be moved to the Truro & St Austell constituency and St Stephen unified in the Bodmin & Newquay seat.

The debate now moves to full council at the end of the month.

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