Thursday, 24 November 2011

Council to delay 22 road safety schemes to plug parking budget hole - details

Cornwall Council has backed down on its proposal to use the money given by the government to repair roads damaged by harsh weather to plug the hole in its parking budget. That's great news, but there will still be 22 road safety schemes which are being delayed.

Last year, the Liberal Democrats warned that Cornwall Council's parking budget didn't add up. Unfortunately the Conservative-led administration refused to listen to us. As we predicted, there is a shortfall of at least £2 million this year. In order to meet part of this, the proposal had been made to use £1m of the £4.12 million that the government gave to repair ice and snow affected roads to plug the hole.

The Lib Dems warned that delaying road repair schemes that are designed to ensure safe driving is a very dangerous thing to do. To an extent, the council have listened to us this time. They have decided to delay other schemes and not those using the Government grant. Whilst this is welcome, it's still a risky thing to delay any road safety scheme.

The schemes affected are:

The work planned in each area is a variety of re-surfacing, patching, jet cleaning and the installation of anti-skid surfacing.

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