Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cornwall Council believes data loss is 'inevitable'

Big Brother Watch have conducted a survey of local councils and have found that Cornwall Council is among the ten worst when it comes to losing personal data. Cornwall's response to this - that data loss is inevitable in today's information driven society.

I find this response very disappointing. I accept that mistakes sometimes happen and I don't think we should unnecessarily condemn. But we need to give the message to residents and businesses that we will treat their personal information with respect and take appropriate precautions with it. And where the loss is because of a fault by someone who should know better or who failed to take the right steps to keep data private then the council should consider disciplinary action.

The one thing that Cornwall Council got right in their statement is that society is becoming more and more technology, and information, driven. So let's rise to that challenge and make sure that residents who give us their personal details do so secure in the knowledge that they will only be seen by people who are properly authorised to do so.

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